Mobile apps if you live in Paris

Amongst the most popular mobile apps parisien we recommend to download:

RATP to get the time of your journey connecting metro- bus-RER-tram and be informed about any technical issues or delays. Citymapper, more or less the same, but it takes other ways of transport such as bike, city scooter or kick scooter.

Any taxi application is also very convenient, let us mention, as an example, Taxi G-7. For those moving quite often by train: SNCF and TGV-Pro.

In order to be updated about what’s going on, the newspaper Le Parisien informs about the political, economic and social actuality at local and national levels.

Another interesting option to subscribe to a local newsletter, for instance, Sortir à Paris. It publishes every week all kind of upcoming plans for singles, couples and families.

Other very useful applications:

  • La Météo to know if there is good weather or it rains.
  • Pay By Phone iis very practical if you have a car since it allows you to manage by distance the parking ticket (if you park on the street).
  • Doctolib, to schedule or cancel any doctor’s appointment
  • La Fourchette to get advantagous discounts in trendy restaurants.
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