Breathe green in Paris

How many times do we look for a green area where to walk through, practice a sport or organize a picnic? Do you know where in Paris?

Considering their size and their beauty, let us recommend these ones:

  • Jardin de Luxembourg (6e)
  • Parc de Vincennes (12e)
  • Parc Montsouris (13e)
  • Les Bois de Boulogne (16e)
  • Parc Monceau (17e)
  • Buttes-Chaumont (19e)
  • Le Parc de la Villette ( 19e)
  • Canal de l’ Ourcq (19e)

If you already knew listed ones, this link to Tripadvisor‘s platform, thanks to thousands of opinions, will help you to discover new green areas such as parks, gardens, squares, esplanades… Impossible to miss any nature corner !

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