Real Estate Agency Fee Paris

In France, the fees that the tenant pays to the real estate agency are regulated by Law Alur. 

The amount of these fees cannot be above of none of limits below:

  • fees paid by landlord
  • limits indicated by Law Alur

The real estate agency can just invoice these services:

  • Visit’s organization
  • Dossier’s collection
  • Lease contract redaction
  • Check-in inventory

For the three first concepts, the fee charged depends on the localization of the property. In areas like Paris and surroundings, the fee limit is 12€/M2 of useful area. Fee for the check-in inventory is at 3€/M2 of useful areal. This means agency fees should not be above 15€/M2 of useful area.

The payment of agency fees is exigible at the signature of the lease and are usually paid by cheque.

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